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Newnham College

Newnham CollegeNewnham College was the second college at the University of Cambridge to accept women in 1871. It was founded by Henry Sidgwick with the…

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Christ’s Pieces

Christs PiecesOne of Cambridge’s most popular parks, Christ’s Pieces offers everything from playgrounds to flower beds to bowling greens. It has something for…

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Duke of Cambridge

The title of Duke of Cambridge started in 1664 with James Stuart, son of the Duke of York. While the name does come from the city of Cambridge in the…

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Park and Ride Map

Park-and-RideDriving is one of the many transportation options in Cambridge. Refer to this Park and Ride Map for locations to park your car while in Cambridge…

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George Hotel

The George Hotel is a chic boutique hotel independently owned by the Furbank family. It brings a touch of luxury to the village of…

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The Maypole

Photo courtesy of the MaypoleJust steps away from the River Cam and the Jesus Green is The Maypole. The Maypole is a favorite among locals for its traditional…

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